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Founded in 2021 by Heather Capel, a tried and true veteran of the HIE and HIT professional services industries, LEAD North seeks to innovate on how professional services are offered, retained, and fulfilled. By combining a 100% remote workplace with a mindset focused around evolving the industry from its “body shop” roots, LEAD North looks to provide better services at more competitive rates for the clients we serve. Our firm brings decades of combined experience operating in the HIE space, working with all forms of Health Data from clinical to payer sources. We provide data analytics, implementation services, and interoperability support across all modern data structures, including CDA, FHIR, and HL7v3 (IHE). Our services are provided with a high degree of transparency and our delivery process is tuned to keep our clients as far ahead of any potential risks and issues as possible. From our methods, to our people, to our outcomes, we can lead you where you need to go next.

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