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Welcome to LEAD North

Founded in 2021, LEAD North seeks to innovate on how professional services are offered, retained, and fulfilled. By combining a 100% remote workplace with a mindset focused around evolving the industry, LEAD North looks to provide better services at more competitive rates for the clients we serve. Our firm brings decades of combined experience operating in the HIE space, working with all forms of Health Data from clinical to payer sources. We provide data quality tools, implementation services, and interoperability support across all modern data structures, including CDA, FHIR, and HL7. Our services are provided with a high degree of transparency and our delivery process is tuned to keep our clients as far ahead of any potential risks and issues as possible. From our methods, to our people, to our outcomes, we can lead you where you need to go next.


Heather Capel is a seasoned leader and entrepreneur with a rich background in the healthcare technology industry. With over 25 years of expertise in InterSystems technology, Heather is uniquely suited to lead as the Founder and CEO of LEAD North, a pioneering healthcare IT consulting firm specializing in InterSystems products.

Heather's commitment to diversity and inclusion is at the core of LEAD North's mission. Believing that real change in the industry begins with broadening the candidate pool, she champions initiatives to provide opportunities for underrepresented groups and works to foster a more inclusive work environment.

Prior to founding LEAD North, Heather held leadership roles where she was pivotal in driving innovation and organizational growth and transformation. With a track record of success, Heather's leadership and expertise guide LEAD North to new heights of excellence in the ever-evolving healthcare technology landscape.



With extensive experience in healthcare technology, Chi is a visionary architect and renowned thought leader. Her expertise traverses diverse sectors, with a strong focus on HIEs and payers, where she's dedicated to spearheading revolutionary changes within the healthcare industry.

Beyond her role as a seasoned technologist, Chi is a passionate educator, committed to nurturing the next generation of tech talent. Her influence extends beyond traditional boundaries, as she actively shapes and builds technical teams, both within and outside of LEAD North.

As a humane technologist, Chi is deeply committed to ensuring that technology serves the needs of people, prioritizing seamless integration of individuals with processes to enrich lives and drive meaningful change. Her ethos revolves around the belief that the most effective systems are those that prioritize human-centric design.


For Chi, pushing boundaries isn't merely a professional pursuit—it's a deeply ingrained philosophy. While some may refer to it as the leading edge, for her, it's just another day at the office. With a well-established track record of innovation and transformation, Chi continues to chart new frontiers, relentlessly shaping the future of technology with each endeavor.

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